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Computer Network Problems

How Much Are Hidden Technology Problems Costing Your Business?

Your computer network and related technology is essential to running your business. But is it functioning like it’s supposed to? Or is it destroying your profits because of. . .

Employee Downtime. . .
When your systems are slow, your employees can’t work effectively. When your systems break down, your employees could be stopped dead in their tracks. Either way, you’re paying for time that’s giving you a lower return – or none at all. And your bottom line is suffering because of it.

Lost Productivity. . .
Viruses, improper network settings, and poorly optimized hardware and software are sure to put the brakes on your employees’ productivity. Your employees also have more distractions than ever before: social media, YouTube, streaming music, Amazon, and much more. Plus, these activities can bog down your network resources and drain your ability to get real work done efficiently.

Client Frustration. . .
When technology problems affect your business’s ability to operate properly, your customers are likely to feel the impact through slower service, longer wait times, or worse.

Client Mistrust. . .
Security breaches are occurring at an alarming rate and with severe consequences. With computer hackers operating at all levels, you don’t have to be called Target to be one. Every unprotected business is an opportunity for a would-be thief. When customers realize that their private information has been compromised, their trust in your business is also compromised.

Unpredictable IT Costs. . .
Just like your car, your technology requires regular maintenance to run at its best. Without it, you’re likely to end up stuck on the information highway with a repair bill that’s considerably higher than what proper maintenance would have cost you in the first place.

Higher Hardware Costs. . .
It’s not uncommon for computers and other hardware that haven’t been properly maintained to be replaced long before they truly need to be, causing you an unnecessary expense. Equipment costs are only part of the story. When hardware is replaced, there’s usually employee downtime involved during the process, too. It hits your bottom line twice!

Data Theft and Destruction. . .
Your data is valuable to you. Unfortunately, it can also be valuable to other people. Or not. Sometimes wreaking havoc is the only purpose of an attack, and you could find yourself having to pick up all the broken pieces. And it’s not just hackers you should be concerned with. Dissatisfied or ex-employees are the usual culprits behind data theft and destruction.

What if you could protect and enhance your business with an affordable and predictable network and technology solution that is designed to help your business realize greater profitability?

Finally, a Solution That Makes Sense. . .

Korporate Computing's Guardian Agent Managed IT Services

Boost Your Profitability. . . Lower Your Risk

Stop worrying about technology-related issues, and focus on what you do best. Korporate Computing’s Guardian Agent Managed IT services make it easy. Acting as your company’s very own fully-staffed IT department, Korporate Computing works to maximize performance, minimize threats, increase productivity, and lower overall technology costs. From your firewall to every device connected to your network, you’re covered. . .


Managed IT Services for Computer Servers

Managed Server

Your server is the backbone of your computer network. If it’s not working efficiently, neither can you or your employees. If it’s not secure, neither is your data. . . or anything else connected to your network.

• Performance Monitoring
Keep your work moving smoothly. Your server is continuously monitored for potential problems and vulnerabilities to ensure peak performance.

• Essential Application Maintenance
Prevent costly downtime. Your server software is kept up-to-date for better stability and security to help ward off viruses, hackers, and other problems.

• Configuration Management
Make critical changes at a moment’s notice. Many settings can be changed quickly and remotely, including employee (or ex-employee) access.

• Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
Avoid serious problems and premature equipment replacements. Regularly planned maintenance keeps your server running better and for longer.


Managed IT Services for Computer Networks

Managed Network

Protecting your network is critical to the health of all your connected devices. Proactive management limits threats and boosts efficiency.

• Switch Monitoring
Prevent network traffic jams that slow you down. We monitor how data flows through your network in order to maintain and improve performance.

• Firewall Management & Maintenance
Protect yourself from expensive malicious attacks. We secure your firewall so intruders stay out and your data and equipment stay safe.

• Router Monitoring
Wait less and do more. Your router is actively monitored to ensure optimum speed and security for a better connection to the outside world.


Managed IT Services for Network Security

Managed Security

These days, security threats are everywhere. From simply annoying to downright destructive, they pose a huge financial danger to your business. Keep your data (and your customers’ data) safe and secure.

• End-Point Protection Monitoring
Protect yourself from new and evolving threats. Your end-point protection (anti-virus) software is properly monitored and maintained.

• Regular Vulnerability Scanning
Keep intruders and viruses off your network. Korporate‘s Guardian Agent is always looking for and repairing potential vulnerabilities.

• Hosted Anti-Spam

• Hosted End-Point Management
Enjoy the simplicity of world-class protection. Hosted end-point protection (anti-virus) is available without installing additional software or hardware.


Managed IT Services for Workstations

Managed Workstation

The performance of the computers (workstations) on your network depend on many factors. Properly managed workstations result in fewer problems and distractions, and greater efficiency and lifespan.

• Third Party Application Security Patching
Keep your computers out of harm’s way. The most recent patches and updates are made to your software applications for increased security.

• Performance Monitoring
Keep employee productivity up. Workstation performance is monitored to identify and resolve potential issues, and keep unwanted software off.

• Operating System Patch Management
Prevent frustrating errors and malicious attacks. The OS on each computer is always kept current to provide greater security and stability.

• Configuration Management & Enforcement
Keep everyone on task and free up your resources. Your workstations can be configured to block the many distractions that can kill employee productivity.

• Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
Save money on your workstations. Routine checks and performance enhancements keep your computers running better for longer.


Managed IT Services for IT Support

Managed Support

Because there are times when you could use additional expertise or analysis, we provide the support you need, when you need it. It’s like having your own IT department, ready to spring into action.

• Network Health & Performance Review
Get key information to help you run your business. A detailed report card reveals the status of your network and alerts you to potential issues.

• Comprehensive Network & End-User Support
Get support from people who care. Your team of experts is available anytime you need help, on-site or off, for one flat monthly rate.


Managed IT Services for Offsite Backup

Managed Offsite Backup

Disaster can strike at any time. A current, dependable backup of your data is essential to avoiding thousands of dollars in lost time when you need to restore it.

• Backup Integrity Monitoring
Prevent faulty backups and issues restoring data. We monitor the integrity of your files to ensure a successful and headache-free recovery.

• Backup Software Updates
Avoid potential problems from outdated software. Your backup software is kept current with the latest updates to ensure reliable performance.

• Data Center Replication & Disaster Recovery
Rest easy knowing important data is extra safe. Your backups are duplicated to reduce the risk of loss and speed the recovery process.

• Scheduled Backups
Never again forget to backup your data. Your backups are scheduled to occur frequently and automatically, without interfering with your work.



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